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ZeroCor was founded in 2007 by two Canadian oil patch veteran with over 60 years of combined experience in the oilfield business, to provide cost-effective completion tubing solutions for clients in the energy sector.

zEroCor’s commercial product line offers coated completions tubing for down-hole production use in oil and gas wells for enhanced performance versus corrosion and wear. We have been serving clients in Western Canada with our corrosion- and wear-solutions since 2007 and continue to help cost-conscious operators looking for sustainable, cost-effective solutions for their completions.

And to help them, we stock our pipe in over 10 locations across Western Canada.

Zerocor was founded to solve problems. Problems like:

  • Sliding wear
  • Rod wear & Dogleg severity
  • Tubing Corrosion
  • Disposal well Corrosion
  • Inadequate Cement Bond
  • Thermal Insulation

With our network of Universities & Research Institutes, we span wider than ever in our areas of materials’ expertise.

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