Zerocor provides corrosion-, wear-, and abrasion–resistant products for harsh sub-surface completions in the oil & gas industry. Zerocor also has expertise in tubing and pipeline inspection and monitoring techniques and equipment for operational and reliability needs. Zerocor prides itself on its strong track record since 2007 and considers delivering product quality to its clients its important mission.

zCor 100 (Corrosion-resistant coated Tubing)

  • For: Disposal & injection wells, WAG, CO2 injection, sour, brine transport
  • Operable at high pressures (<40 MPa) and high temperature (<145 C)
  • Over Ten (10) years operation in North America

zEro 100 (Wear-resistant coated Tubing)

  • For: severe doglegs, rod wear, horizontal wells
  • Increased service of bare steel by a factor of three
  • Temperature rating 160 C
  • Over Eight (8) years successful operation in North America

Flint-Coat (External corrosion-resistant coated Tubing)

  • For: casing integrity & corrosion issues, cement bond reinforcement
  • Improves the bond between cement and casing
  • Over Ten (10) years successful operation in North America

Vacuum Insulated Tubing (Heat loss reduction Tubing)

  • For: heat loss mitigation, effluent release control, aquifer heat sink management
  • Generally, 8-11% heat loss per 1 kilometer of bare tubing is evident during the warming/circulation stage of a SAGD operation. Zerocor VIT can reduce this to less than 0.8% of total heat injected. The model has been validated with various major operating companies and a third-party CFD analysis (ANSYS, PTAC). For more information, click here
  • Used commercially in Canada, Oman, Venezuela, Colombia, & Syria
  • Proven life-time of up to 20 steam cycles