When it comes to research and development, numerous corporations in North America contact Zerocor Technologies in Calgary, AB. We create partnerships with industries, working together with our clients to solve their most pressing problems.

Since 2012, Zerocor has branched into other segments of the oil & gas industry as well, and developed a network of over 60 Universities and Research Institutes globally, gaining access to unique technologies ranging from advanced coatings, nanomaterials, and water treatment.

What sets us apart?

  • Lean Principles: We take pride in creating small-scale, long-term solutions. By utilizing the lean management approach, we help design processes that are more efficient and yield higher quality results
  • Strong Network & Collaboration: This is why we have close contacts and agreements with more than 60 federal, private, and provincial research institutes around the world. These distinguished institutions include the South-Western Research Institute, Pacific Northwest National Lab, Stanford Research Institute, and CSIRO (Australia)
  • Proven Track Record: With over 6 lines of products commercialized since 2007

To learn more about our areas of expertise, or share your challenges with us, please Contact Us.